What the Fork Spoon

This is one of my favorite projects I've worked on thus far at School. It is a tragic, rom com about a Fork and everything he goes through. This is an idea that I've been brewing for around 3 years now. It all started before I started going to school, when I worked in the restaurant business. One day mid October when I was bartending at a country club I was bored out of my mind. Go Figure, no one goes golfing in the middle of October, therefore I didn't have any customers. To pass the time I would write corny poems to make myself laugh. 

One day I thought it would be funny to create a story that people can relate to, but have it  played out by trivial objects that we look past every day, such as a fork and spoon. This story might have been influenced by my disgruntled disposition with an ex girlfriend, which made for a solid self-loathing session. 

I think sometimes you need to create a project to clear the lines, so to speak. We all have ideas both good and bad that need to see the light of day before we can move on.  With that being said I made this entire thing a rhyming story with intermittent puns that even your grandma would think they're lame. On top of the puns I added illustrations that were SO literal they would make you cringe.

Although this idea was based off one big joke, I had a lot of fun and made people laugh while doing it.